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Hounds 'n' Harmony

Pet First Aid Courses

Would you know what to do in an emergency situation?   During these unprecedented times, we are running exclusive 1-2-1 workshops on a date to suit you, so should you be unfortunate enough to encounter a potentially life threatening situation, you will be able to deliver the necessary assistance to either save your pets life, or at the very least keep them comfortable until the vet arrives.   

Course Content

This is a certified course that is ideal for dog owners or dog professionals who want to be equipped with the necessary skills to administer first aid to animals in their charge.  

During the workshop we will cover the following:  What is Canine First Aid / Car Accidents /  Pet CPR / Drowning / Shock / fractures / Spinal injury / Medical Conditions / Types of Bleeding, / Bleeding Control / Nail & Claw injuries / Bandaging / Vomiting / Dog digestion /  Stings / Heatstroke / Hypothermia / Seizures / Choking / Snake Bites / Ticks / Alabama Foot Rot / Diabetes and more.

The certificate is valid for three years and is validated by Pro Trainings. All students will receive a free login to the Protrainings website where you can download a free student manual and have access to updates.

Canine/Pet First Aid Vouchers

Q. What do you buy the pet lover that has everything?  

A. A certified course in Pet First Aid, which is perfect for any pet lover.  Learn life saving skills and a certificate which is valid for 3 years.  Simply purchase a voucher below and we will be in touch.  

Canine/Pet First Aid Voucher

Canine Behaviour

We offer an holistic, stress free approach to eradicating unwanted behaviour.

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Contact Details

To attend a 1-2-1 Canine/Pet First Aid workshop, please either call 07519 950 959 or email by clicking on the link below.


Exclusive Home Boarding

Want an alternative to kennels.  We offer exclusive home from home boarding.

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