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Hounds 'n' Harmony

Canine Behaviour

Dogs can develop behavioural issues at any age, however what's important to remember is that they are only reacting to the signals that you are giving out.  This is good news, as it means that if we change our signals, the dogs behaviour will change too.

When we bring a dog into our home, he/she will want to know where they fit within the family unit, and if we are not clear about that, they will decide this for themselves and that is when the behaviour problems start to develop.

There are a plethora of gadgets and training aids on the market, all claiming to correct a dogs unwanted behaviour, but this is only masking the problem and doesn't get to the root cause. It's a bit like going to the GP with anxiety and leaving with some tablets.  This is simply treating the symptoms and not addressing the real problem.

It never ceases to amaze me how a simple conversation between two people can be interpreted very differently, causing misunderstandings and major fall outs. When you consider that only 7% of communication is through the spoken word, 38% through tone, meaning that 55% is down to body language. Apply this to a species that only use body language as their main form of communication and we can start to see where the problems stem from. This is why learning your dogs language is one of the kindest things you can do for them, as it will allow you to enjoy a harmonious relationship and develop an unbreakable bond.

We offer two packages, both of which deliver positive results within the first 48 hours!

Top Dog - £340 (4 sessions)

This is our premium package, giving you four sessions and two professionals. Focusing on behaviour and training combined, this package will leave you with a relaxed, happy and well trained dog.  

Session 1 & 2 

These sessions are held at your home and last approximately 2 hours.  Following the sessions, you will understand why your dog behaves the way it does and what to do to change that unwanted behaviour.  In turn these changes will build trust, confidence and remove any stresses, leaving you with a relaxed dog and one that is ready to listen and engage with you.  It is vital that all training starts in the home, in an environment that the dog is comfortable with - getting it right in the home impacts significantly on how they behave and react when out on a walk and lays the foundations for the next two sessions. 

Sessions 3 & 4 - will be delivered by Chelsie Grieve of Alpha Trails Experience

Once you’ve built the foundations in the home the next two sessions will be focused on working with you outside. The walk is a very important part of your dog’s life and you’ll be learning how to walk them without them pulling, as well as getting them focused and responding to your commands in a more distracting and stimulating environment.

Behaviour Re-Set £240 (3 sessions)

A behaviour re-set is used to address a wide range of issues from excessive barking and anxiety, to jumping up, aggression and all those things in-between.

This consists of 3 home visits, each lasting approximately 90 minutes. During the visit you are asked a series of lifestyle questions in relation to the dog, which helps me to diagnose the problem. Following this, we work with you to implement a change programme  using an holistic, stress free approach of communicating with your dog in a language they understand, without the use of any punishment or correction gadgets.  By following the program, the dog gains trust and respect, and will want to work with you, as well as being calmer, relaxed and more engaging. 

This method is also perfect for puppies, as it is a continuation of the language they have learned from their mother.  It will set out the foundations of what will be one of the most rewarding relationships you will ever have, as well as preventing behaviour issues from arising in the future.   

Pet / Canine First Aid Courses

Certified First Aid Courses, held in small groups

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Contact Details

Should you wish to talk to us or book on one of our courses, please call 07519 950 959 or click on the link below to email. 


Exclusive Dog Boarding

We offer exclusive dog boarding and never have more than 2 dogs boarding at any one time.

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