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Canine Behaviour

Dogs can develop behavioural issues at any age, however what's important to remember is that they are only reacting to the signals that you are giving out.  This is good news, as it means that if we change our signals, the dogs behaviour will change too.  The method I teach is a behaviour re-set and is an holistic approach which is conducted in your own home over a 3 week period and providing you follow the program, you will see positive results within the first 48 hours!  

Behaviour Re-Set

A behaviour re-set is used to address a wide range of issues from excessive barking and anxiety, to jumping up, aggression and all those things in-between.  Dogs have their own language which is a silent body language and by changing the way the owners interact with their dog, has a huge and positive effect on the dogs behaviour.  The method can also be used for puppies, as it is a continuation of the language that has been taught by its mother and lays the foundations of what is expected, preventing  behavioural issues from developing.

In a traditional family unit, you will have mum and dad at the top, making all the important decisions, providing shelter, food, clothes and so on.  Then we have the children and if different ages the older ones will come next with regards to responsibility and the younger ones will have the least responsibility, freeing them up to relax and enjoy their childhood.  When we bring a dog into the mix, he will want to know where he fits within the family, and if we're not clear about that, he will decide this for himself.  If he feels he has responsibility for any other family members, this is where the behaviour problems start to develop. 

The problem with using gadgets and training aids to correct a dogs behaviour, is that it doesn't address the core of the problem.  It's a bit like going to the GP with anxiety and you leave with some tablets to calm your anxiety.  This is simply treating the symptoms and not getting to the route of the problem.  

The method I teach is an holistic, stress free approach of communicating with your dog, without the use of any punishment or correction gadgets.  I teach you, the owner, how to interact with your dog in a language they understand, so the dog gains trust, and respect, and will want to work with you.  Providing you stick to the plan, the change is very quick and you will notice a positive difference within the first 48 hours of implementation.

It never ceases to amaze me, how a simple conversation between people can be interpreted very differently, causing misunderstandings and major fall outs.  55% of our language is non-verbal, meaning we are giving off body signals all the time.  Apply this to a species that only use body language as their main form of communication, and we can start to see where the problems stem from.  This is why learning your dogs language is one of the kindest things you can do for them, as it will allow you to enjoy a harmonious relationship and develop an unbreakable bond.


Behaviour Re-Set​ - £220 for 3 sessions

​​​​This consists of 3 home visits, each lasting approximately 90 minutes.  During the visit you are asked a series of lifestyle questions in relation to the dog, which helps me to diagnose the problem.  Following this, I work with you to implement a change programme and providing you follow my guidance, you will see a remarked improvement within the first 48 hours.  


Ad-hoc visits - £85​

Pay as you go sessions are available and charged at £85 per visit. 

Pet / Canine First Aid Courses

Certified First Aid Courses, held in small groups

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