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Hounds 'n' Harmony

Canine Behaviour & Training

Dogs can develop behavioural issues at any age.  They can range from excessive barking, jumping-up and pulling on the lead, to resource guarding, excessive paw licking and separation anxiety, to name but a few.  There are a plethora of gadgets and training aids on the market, all claiming to correct a dogs unwanted behaviour, and while some may appear to work at first, they are only treating the symptoms and not addressing the route cause.  

However what's important to remember is that our dogs are only reacting to the signals that you are giving out.  This is good news, as it means that if we change our signals, the dogs behaviour will change too.

It never ceases to amaze me how a simple conversation between two people can be interpreted very differently, causing misunderstandings and major fall outs. Dogs communicate by reading body language and facial expressions, and when you consider that 55% of human communication is body language, you can begin to understand where the confusion stems from, with our dogs interpreting our signals to mean something else.  This is why learning your dogs language is one of the kindest things you can do for them, as it will allow you to enjoy a harmonious relationship and develop an unbreakable bond.

We offer two packages, both of which deliver positive results after the first session!  Plus you'll have the opportunity to join monthly support zooms, which will keep you on track.

Top Dog - £370 (4 sessions)

Results after the first session

This package is perfect for new dog owners or those dogs with extreme behaviour issues, thus needing more support.  Focusing on behaviour and training combined, this package equips you with the skills and knowledge necessary to have a relaxed, well trained and engaged dog. 

All sessions are held at your home and last between 60 to 90 minutes.  You will be taught the importance of engagement and focus work, which is vital for effective training such as walking to heel and recall.  It is imperative that all training starts in the home, as their behaviour in the house has a significant impact on how they behave in the outside world.  Getting it right in the home will build trust and confidence in an environment that the dog feels safe and comfortable with, before exposing them to outside stimulants such as other dogs, traffic, people etc.

NB; Depending on the severity of the behaviour, further sessions may be required. As with any type of behaviour modification or training, it is only effective if applied consistently and correctly by the owners. 

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Behaviour Re-Set £300 (3 sessions)

Results after the first session

A behaviour re-set is used to address a wide range of issues, from excessive barking, separation anxiety, pulling on the lead and all those things in-between.  This program is perfect for owners whose dogs already have some basic training but are presenting with behaviour issues or general anxiety/nervousness.

Each session lasts between 90 minutes and 2 hours. During the visits you are asked a series of lifestyle questions in relation to the dog, which enables me to identify the problem areas.  Following this, I work with you to implement a change program, that works with the dogs natural instincts, without the use of any punishment or correction gadgets.  Throughout the program you will gain an understanding of what causes your dog to behave the way it does and how to turn that around, leaving you with a relaxed, happy and engaged dog.

NB  Depending on the severity of the behaviour, further sessions may be required.  As with any type of behaviour modification or training, it is only effective if applied consistently and correctly by the owners.

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Zoom Package £150 (10 zooms)

10 scheduled monthly zooms

This package gives you access to attend one live scheduled zoom for 10 months.  

During the zooms we discuss an element of unwanted behaviour and what causes the dog to act that way.  This is followed by tips for dealing with that behaviour, plus time at the end for questions. 

Each session lasts up to one hour.

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Pet / Canine First Aid Courses

Certified First Aid Courses, held in small groups

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Contact Details

Should you wish to talk to us or book on one of our courses, please call 07519 950 959 or click on the link below to email. 


Exclusive Dog Boarding

We offer exclusive dog boarding and never have more than 2 dogs boarding at any one time.

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